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During your absence, you can count on the Conciergerie Marine to take care of your second home. We offer you an à la carte option. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for additional information or for a quote.

Regular visits or on demand in your absence
Maintenance and interior upkeep in your absence
Preparation of your home : at your arrival
Exterior maintenance and upkeep in your absence
Preparing your home : at your departure
Reception of service providers in your absence

Before your arrival:


  • Opening and ventilation

  • Commissioning of heating, water and electricity

  • Housing cleaning

  • Preparation of beds

  • Installation of outdoor furniture

  • Shopping

After your stay: 


  • End of the stay cleaning

  • Laundry service

  • Shutdown of heating, water, electricity.

  • Closing doors and shutters

  • Storage of outdoor furniture

Intervention at your home for services related to interior maintenance (DIY):

  • Routine cleaning and major cleaning coordination​​​​

  • Basic and occasional DIY (replacing light bulbs, gaskets, fixing shelves, etc.)

Intervention at your home for services related to exterior maintenance:


  • Cleaning from the terrace

  • Garden furniture cleaning

  • Mowing and collecting leaves

  • Gardening: maintenance of flowers, plants and vegetable garden

Appointment management: 

  • Boiler maintenance

  •  Intervention EDF/SAUR

  • Internet

  • Pruning 

  • Parcel deliveries 

  • Others...

Setting up a housing verification :


  • Simple control visit (control of leaks, humidity, anomalies, plantations, etc.)

  • Verification of possible damage (bad weather, storm, etc.). 

  • Mail collection and forwarding​​

For rates and any special request,  do not hesitate to contact us.
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