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Need advice for a restaurant, a last minute activity?


A place to visit?


Do you want to make the most of your stay and discover Morbihan? We are here to help and support you. 

By going through the Conciergerie Marine, benefit from preferential rates (10 to 15 % reduction on your tickets) with many partners: bike rental, museum, boat crossing...


Cultural Heritage


The menhirs and dolmens, Architectural Heritage, Museums...

Natural heritage

Coastal path, GR34, Parks and Gardens, Beaches and small Coves. 

Gastronomic heritage


The local markets are to be discovered as well as various restaurants to taste the local products.

The Morbihan Islands


The Gulf of Morbihan: Ile-aux-Moines, Ile d'Arz, Tascon, Berder, Gavrinis, Ilur as well as the islands Houat and Hoedic, Belle-île-en-Mer and Groix

Activities and Leisure


Parc du P'tit Délire, Land aux lutins,  Forêt adrénaline, Kingoland, Branféré Zoo, Aquarium of Vannes, Bowling...

Water activities

Paddle, Surf, Jet ski, Boat without license, Sailboat, Fishing and Thalassotherapy/ Spas

Do not hesitate to contact our concierge service to enhance your stay! Discover Morbihan and its hidden treasures.
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